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When engine has to be overhauled,
Jastra provides supply of quality spare parts.

The PZL-WOLA M. Nowotko Engineering Works (Zaklady Mechaniczne PZL-Wola im. Marcelego Nowotki) in Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland produced various 4-stroke engines originally based on licence from Austrian Henschel, as Wola-Henschel.

There have been produced engines of Henschel group types mostly 1416 (Wola H) and some 1518 (Wola D).

Production has been generally stopped some time ago, however, many units still are at work and spare parts at least for series 1416 (H) are usually obtainable at reasonable price. Regret, for 1518 (D) we do not know sources of spares - probably from Russia.

There have been used following types for industrial and marine applications:

Some of the engines work as main propulsion on boats, some are designed for power generation on boats, train engines and in another industrial applications, especially in drilling rigs.
Many Wola-Henschel engines work in various construction sities in harsh environment.

Jastra offers delivery of spares for engines Wola-Henschel types H6, H6A, H12, H12A built in Poland.

For engines Henschel 12V1516A (have not been built in Poland) we are able to supply fuel HP delivery pipes, including ready-for-use bending:

We keep following manuals and spare parts catalogues:

Engines, for which we have some documentation only:

So, why to use our service?

We offer reasonable pricing for Polish versions with cost of packing included, fast delivery and short distance to international airport and worldwide speditors.

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